IA900WA Wheel Alignment and All Systems ADAS Calibration Package


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The MaxiSYS ADAS IA900WA from Autel is an all-inclusive solution designed for precise wheel alignment and ADAS component calibrations. It features a comprehensive array of targets and patterns for calibrating a variety of systems, including cameras and night vision units. The user-friendly interface, demonstrated through a 24” touchscreen, offers clear instructions and live data readings. Here's a brief rundown:

Included Components:

  • Targets and patterns for various car makers
  • Calibration tools for cameras, radar, LIDAR
  • 24” touchscreen for interactive instructions
  • High-resolution cameras for vehicle tracking


  • Alignment accuracy to 0.02 degrees
  • Software with illustrated guides
  • Coverage for U.S., Asian, and European vehicles (1996+)

Notable Features:

  • Robotic frame movement for precise readings
  • Customer support with a 1-year warranty

For a detailed list of all components and an in-depth look at specifications, please visit the product page on Autel's website.

What Comes In The Box

  • ADAS Upgade Software
  • Pattern Board 0600/06
  • 2 Patterns VW-LDW CSC0601/01 Mercedes-LDW CSC0601/02
  • Volkswagen / Audi / Porsche - LDWI CSC0601/01
  • Sliding Laser Plate
  • Mounted Tape Measure
  • Flip Up Reflector & Laser Position Ruler
  • Crossbar 0600/05
  • Push Button Power Lifter
  • Adjustable Base
  • Base Crossbar 0600/02
  • Base Holder 0600/01
  • ACC Reflector 0602/01
  • Wheel Clamp Lasers 0500/02
  • Wheel Clamps 0500/01
  • Honda - LDW CSC0601/05
  • Honda - LDW CSC0601/08-L
  • Honda - LDW CSC0601/08-R
  • Honda / IA LDW CSC0601/09
  • Nissan / Infiniti-LDW CSC0601/06-L
  • Nissan / Infiniti-LDW CSC0601/06-R
  • Toyota-LDW CSC0601/15
  • Nissan-LDW CSC0601/03-L
  • Nissan-LDW CSC0601/03-R
  • Toyota / Lexus LDW CSC0601/11
  • Mercedes-LDW CSC0601-02
  • Mitsubishi Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/22-L
  • Mitsubishi Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/22-R
  • Target Board Holder 0600/22
  • Cadillac - AVM CSC1004/06
  • Center Axis Laser 0500/04
  • Honda - AVM CSC1004/02
  • Honda - AVM CSC1004/03
  • Nissan - RCW CSC1006/03
  • Mercedes - RCW CSC1006/01
  • VW-RCW CSC0806/01
  • VW-AVM CSC0804/01
  • Radar Calibration Plate 0602/02
  • Radar Calibration Box 0605/01
  • Corner Reflector 0802/01
  • Night Vision Calibration Box 0603/01
  • Night Vision Calibration 0803/01

LDW Targets Kit 2

  • Mercedes Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/19
  • Subaru Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/17
  • Mazda Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/13-L
  • Mazda Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/13-R
  • Nissan Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/03-L
  • Nissan Lane Keep Target Board CSC601/03-R

LDW Target Kit 3

  • Subaru LDW 3 CSC0601-17 Target Board
  • Alfa Romeo LDW CSC0601-10 Target Board
  • Toyota One Time Recognition LDW CSC0601-25 Target Board
  • Genesis LDW CSC0701-23

ADAS Calibration 2 Expansion Kit

  • Mitsubishi AVM CSC1004-09
  • Honda LaneWatch CSC0805-02
  • Target Stand CSC0802
  • Hitachi Radar Plate CSC0802-03
  • Nissan RCW CSC1006-05
  • Toyota-AVM CSC1004-10

ADAS Calibration Kit 4

  • Used for Hyundai/Kia vehicles equipped with AVM CSC1004/04
  • Used for RCW for Mercedes CSC1006/02
  • VW/Audi ADR Calibration Plate CSC0602/08
  • Toyota LIDAR Reflector CSC802/04
  • VW/Audi LIDAR Calibration Board CSC602/04
  • Used for Toyota/ Lexus vehicles equipped with NVS CSC603/03
  • Used on Nissan/Infiniti vehicles equipped with AVM CSC1004/11

Digital ADAS

- Digital Tape Measure Crossbar Brackets: Secure digital tape for precise frame alignment.

- Front Wheel Targets: Assess exact distance from the front axle with digital measures.

- Placement Boards: Ideal for positioning on an alignment lift.

- Center Digital Tape Measure Bracket: Determines the front-end distance from emblem or bumper.

- Digital Tape Measures: Offers enhanced speed and accuracy over manual tape measures.

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