Take on all Honda and Acura vehicles with this OEM diagnostic and programming solution. The MVCI communicates with all OBD-equipped vehicles, model year 1992 and newer. From checking and clearing diagnostic trouble codes to reprogramming modules and adding keys, this is the real deal for all you Honda/Acura diagnostic needs.


  • Vehicle and system specific function tests
  • Reprogram or initialize Modules
  • Add remove keys
  • Control module reprogramming, all applicable systems
  • Performs stand alone J2534 programming for Honda and Acura vehicles.


  • PC Based: Stand alone reprogramming without PC connection
  • Model Year Coverage: 1992 forward (92-95 require a 3 pin USA Adaptor or 5 pin Euro Adaptor).
  • PC Recommended: AE Tools i7 Durabook Custom Laptop
  • Software License: techinfo.honda.com.

What’s in the box?

  • MVCI
  • OBD-II 16-Pin Data Link Cable
  • Ethernet Cable Retention Kit
  • AC Adapter
  • Memory Card
  • Clarity WIFI SDIO Card.