Use a GM Tech II along with a CAN Diagnostic Interface (CANdi) module, and you’ve got dealer-level diagnostic and programming abilities on GM vehicles, model year 1992 through 2013. The Tech II operates as a stand-alone tool, except during programming, when a PC connection with a 9-pin serial connection is required.

CANdi Module:

The CANdi Module is needed for the Tech II to read CAN data.


  • Covers all powertrain, chassis, and body systems.
  • 100% Bi-Directional capabilities.
  • ALL Body system Functions.
  • Setups and initialization function for Replacement ECUs.
  • 4 wheel & Electric steering Functions for wheel Alignment service.
  • Full TPMS functionality.
  • Programming and setups for all Modules.
  • Additional coverage also available for SAAB, Suzuki, and Isuzu. *Requires additional 32MB card(s).


  • PC-Based: Only required if reprogramming, Tech 2 diagnostic software update is performed, or if Tech2WIN is used.
  • Model Year Coverage: 1992 and newer OBD systems, CAN-equipped vehicle coverage with CANdi module up to 2013.
  • PC Recommended: AE Tools i7 Durabook Custom Laptop
  • Software License:

What’s in the box?

  •  Authentic GM Tech 2
  • CANdi module
  • PC interface kit
  • AC to DC power supply
  • loop back testers
  • data link connector.