Performance Features:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise IoT
  • Intel Skylake Generation i7
  • 1 Terabyte Hard Drive
  • 16 Gig RAM
  • USB 3.0
  • Removable Hard Drive Caddy
  • Wifi, Bluetooth

Security Features:

  • Supports Intel vPro technology with QM77
  • HDMI VGA Video
  • Smart Card reader
  • DB 9-Pin Serial Port

AE Custom Laptops Designed with Technicians in Mind

by Joey Hendrich–Owner AE Tools

One of the most common questions I receive when setting a customer up with an OEM diagnostic solution is, ‘Well, can’t I just supply my own laptop?’  My answer is always the same. But before I share, take a look below at what a custom designed laptop from AE Tools & Computers includes, the problems it solves, and how it strengthens your OE diagnostic solution.

What makes our laptops so special?

For the last 10 years we’ve been building and perfecting custom laptops designed specifically to address the needs of the automotive technician, diesel technician, and automotive locksmith. From the durability of the laptop to the hard drive configurations, our laptops are designed with you in mind.

The units are fully armored–drop resistant, shock resistant, dust resistant, and water resistant.  The units also come with a long-life battery, and an optional 12-volt auto air adapter to plug into the cigarette lighter.

All our laptops come equipped with a 9-pin serial port, which is necessary to connect with the GM Tech 2 and Chrysler’s DRB III scan tools.  Any new laptops you purchase from retailers are not equipped with this serial port.  

As you may know, software from many of the OEM’s conflict with one another. This means they can’t operate together on the same hard drive on the laptop. We’ve solved that issue by implementing multiple partitions on the same hard drive, each equipped with Windows 7. By doing this, we are able to isolate the various OEM softwares from one another, so multiple OEM softwares run seamlessly from one laptop.

Partitioning the hard drive makes our units completely scalable, so as you add more OEM tools to your arsenal, we can keep adding partitions to your laptop. If you outgrow the included 1 terabyte hard drive, don’t worry. You can easily pop-out and pop-in another partitioned hard drive in.

Big shops and fleets really love the way we do our laptops, because we can create one master hard drive and cookie cut them exactly the same to standardized their units, leading to increased efficiencies in the shop.

We also manage the entire system for you. If your laptop gets a virus or Windows 10 crashes, we can do an automated recovery process by deleting the affected partition and loading on a new partition.  We do this all remotely, through the internet, logged in to your computer in under 60 minutes, so you are back up and fixing cars fast. You’ll never have to ship us a laptop for repair unless it has physical damage or a total hard drive crash.

Our laptops come pre-loaded with the software you need, completely customized for your operation, with lifetime support from the team at AE Tools & Computers. By the way, most units are ready to ship out in 48 hours.

So, in short, my response when I get the question, ‘can I supply my own laptop?’

“Sure, you can supply your own laptop, but your job is to fix cars. Our job is to make your job easier. We do that by providing you a laptop designed specifically for your shop with lifetime technical support just a call away.

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