EScope Pro allows bi-directional control of electrical devices through the wiring, feedback equation (virtual replacement of electrical sensors), and more…

Scope 8 circuits at the same time on 2 separate time bases. View fast timing signals and slow O2 signals on the same screen at the same time.

The EScope Pro will supply power to and read up to four pressure transducers simultaneously. ATS patented software grid overlays waveforms make analyzing pressure waveforms a snap. The software will automatically convert pressure transducer voltages to pressure readings, making them easy to use and simple to read.

View large, colorful, razor sharp waveforms on your hi-res PC display. Designed for ease of use and backed by service and technical support before and after the sale. No laptop? No problem. We’ll load Escope Pro into a customized, shop-tough laptop and ship you the works, ready to roll. Just fire it up and go.

Unlike stripped down models from some competitors, Escope Pro comes “with the works.” You get a huge assortment of test leads, wire piercers, clips, clamps, cords, and probes. Everything you will need to start fixing vehicles FAST!

Designed from the ground up as part of a test solution package, you can expect it to work and play well with other ATS products as you build a diagnostic system unlike any other.

It Ain’t Magic, But It’s Close
Do you already own our EScan and 5 Gas emissions analyzer? Great! You’ll like how Escope Pro can be connected to both–wirelessly. Now you can view scope, scan, and emission data — live — at the same time; on the same screen.

Scope EIGHT circuits at the same time on two different time bases.

Allows bidirectional control of electrical devices, feedback equation (virtual replacement of electrical sensors).

The first device that is configured to mount the PC notebook directly to the scope case making the EScope Pro a powerful diagnostic platform.

Can be purchased with a laptop custom configured to run the EScope Pro.

Can be used simultaneously with wireless connections to the Emission 5 Gas Analyzer and the EScan scan tool. This allows the technician to view live waveforms, 5 gas data, and scan tool data on one screen while remaining hand held and fully portable.

  • Power and then scope FOUR pressure transducers at the same time.
  • Convert pressure transducer voltage to actual pressure or vacuum readings.
  • Inject sensor signal simulations; test computer responses in live circuits.
  • +/- 20 or +/- 500 Volt Range on all Eight Channels (Built in 50X Dividers!)
  • >1 Mega Ohm Input Impedance on all Eight Channels
  • 16 Bit (0.0015%) Resolution on all Eight Channels.
  • Large 1024×768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces.
  • Data Can be Saved to Text File for Future Retrieval.
  • Data Can be Saved to JPEG Image for E-mailing or Documentation.
  • Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet
  • Operate actuators (coils, injectors, motors) to test their performance, with the press of a button.
  • Add proper CAT III test leads and start testing hybrid vehicle high voltage electrical systems.
  • Use factory presets for common tests, or record your own.
  • Make fast adjustments on the fly with our easy-to-use on-screen control console.
  • Free EIgnition software allows up to 8 individual triggers so waveforms can be superimposed.
  • The EScope Pro will work on all hybrid vehicles.
  • All EScope Pro accessories are included.
  • Free software updates!
  • Free technical support!

No more tripping over extra cords and cables! Less fuss. Less hassle. Less clutter. Quicker hook ups.
Better diagnoses and fewer comebacks = MORE PROFIT!

8 Channel Dual Time Base Oscilloscope

  • All Channels in Full Color with Masking to assist troubleshooting
  • Dual Time Bases, Both Viewable Simultaneously on Separate Charts
  • Each Channel can be Turned On or Off on Either Chart while Running or Holding
  • Hold Buttons Allow Viewing of Last Five Screen Sweeps