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Transform your diagnostic approach with eSCAN ELITE, a premier tool that not only reads DTCs and PID data but interprets it to pinpoint vehicle issues accurately. Available in both wired and Bluetooth wireless versions, eSCAN ELITE guides technicians with color-coded data and voice alerts for real-time engine control system diagnostics. Its Total Fuel Trim feature easily identifies problems by load and RPM, while the volumetric efficiency test compares actual air intake against expected levels. 

► calculate and display catalyst efficiency
► determine if the air/fuel ratio is correct and if the MAF is working properly
► display fuel trim charts at different engine speeds
► calculate volumetric efficiency
► translate Mode 6 data to simple English

Technicians of all levels can speed up their diagnostics with the eSCAN ELITE. 

eSCAN ELITE Analyzes Total Fuel Trim
The eSCAN ELITE effectively showcases Total Fuel Trim (TFT) analysis, making it straightforward to identify when and how fuel efficiency issues escalate with varying engine loads. With a clear, color-coded display, users can see changes from green (optimal) to red (problematic) as engine load increases, offering a visual and intuitive way to diagnose and address vehicle fuel system issues.

eSCAN ELITE Volumetric Efficiency Test
To pinpoint the issue, a Volumetric Efficiency (VE) test compares the actual air intake, as indicated by the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor (yellow trace), against the expected air pumping capacity of the engine (red trace). The discrepancy, with the MAF sensor showing lower air volume than expected, suggests the MAF sensor is inaccurately measuring the air entering the engine, highlighting a potential misdiagnosis of air volume.

When conducting a VE/TFT Comparison test, overlaying the Total Fuel Trim (TFT) chart onto the Volumetric Efficiency (VE) chart reveals a match between the air volume data (blue) and fuel trims (yellow). This correlation indicates a malfunctioning MAF sensor. These specialized diagnostic tests, patented for their precision, empower technicians to diagnose issues swiftly and accurately, streamlining the troubleshooting process for complex automotive problems.


eSCAN ELITE analyzes Relative Cranking Compression

eSCAN ELITE Accelerometer Power Test 0-60 MPH
eSCAN ELITE Accelerometer Braking Test 30-0 MPH 

The eSCAN ELITE features:

- Very fast auto connect
- Easy PID Setup plus Calculated PIDs
- Digital and Slide Bar Readouts
- Powerful Graphing
- Reading and Decoding Mode6 Data
- Recording of Data and Screen Shots
- Cursor Measurements of Charted or Recorded Data
- Reading and Decoding DTCs and Pending Codes
- Reading Freeze Frame Data
- Reading and Plotting Monitors
- Reading O2 Sensor Data
- Resetting DTCs

The eSCAN alert lights on the left side of each screen are constantly updated and give you information on Bank 1 and Bank 2 as well as the status of the control system. The eSCAN includes patented Sharpshooter™ technology, which uses OBD-II data like no other scan tool ever has. When you use it in your shop it will help you verify:

- MAF Sensor Problems
- Catalytic Efficiency Problems
- Fuel Control Problems
- Fuel Delivery Problems
- Low Power Problems 
- Charging System Problems 
- Mechanical Problems 
- and much more.

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