A fully updateable, universal TPMS tool that is designed to activate all TPMS sensors and store the sensor data. Using the OBDII connector this data can be transferred to the vehicle to reset the ECU when a sensor is replaced or wheel positions are changed. All known programmable sensors can be programmed with the VT56. Technicians only need to select the make, model and year of the vehicle and press the ENTER button or just scan the vehicle’s VIN. Intelligent, intuitive and totally re-invented


VT56 diagnostic tool, OBD II to VT56 ethernet cable, USB PC cable, power adapter, update software, Quick Start user manual and ATEQ hark kit case.


  • Displays the exact location of every car’s OBD-II connector.
  • Displays all the sensor information on a single screen. Transfer to OBD-II,  or print the sensor details right away.
  • Provides tool training, vehicle reset procedures and aftermarket sensor part numbers.
  • Scans the vehicle’s vehicle identification number to copy or clone TPMS sensors quickly and easily.
  • Programs through the OBD-II