The T-Code Pro is a key and remote programmer for all makes of vehicles worldwide. The T-Code Pro can provide a lucrative income stream for your business by offering key programming solutions that bypasses the franchised dealer networks, which means an alternative key programming service can be provided to customers by auto-locksmiths and auto technicians for drivers. The portable T-Code Pro is fully unlocked with unlimited use. All software is currently loaded to the unit and there is no cost per use.



  •  Reads fault codes
  • Clears fault codes
  • Displays live data
  • Component actuation
  • Reads immobilizer ECU id’s
  • Reads mechanical key codes
  • Clears key memories
  • Programs new keys
  • ECU identification
  • Reads EKA codes
  • Programs new EKA codes
  • Programs plip keys
  • Internet updates



  •  Transponder key programming
  • Remote control programming
  • Plip programming
  • ECU coding
  • ECU matching
  • Immobilizer diagnostics
  • Body control module diagnostics
  • Transponder key erase
  • Remote control erase