Welcome back everybody. This is the second of a two-part series on how Motor Works markets their programming services. Today, I’m offering 5 additional strategies we’ve implemented. If you missed part one, click here.  

Keep in mind, selling programming is about a bigger picture. That picture is to build trust and relationships in the hope you can create “Customers For Life”. Customers who will eventually need other related services. So without further ado, delay, hesitation, reluctance, or disinclination, let’s jump to it.

If you’d like to learn more about OEM Programming and/or need technical support, click here.

Ok, (from last month) we established a marketing foothold in our area with a Parts Store Display, Internal Marketing Program, and a “Meet & Greet” with all our potential customers.

Motor Work’s next step was:


  1. The Website Connection:

We needed a permanent, attractive, central clearing house for potential customers to find our programming information. Well, what better place than smack in the middle of the Motor Work’s website. With help from our ISP, (they added the art, we added the content), we now have a “sticky” place to hang our Dealership Diagnostic Software and Mobile Programming hat. Please see Photo 1 below.

I would be humbled if any of the readers of Marty’s Corner cared to visit our website. It won a berth in AutoInc. Magazine’s Top Ten Automotive Repair Websites in 2012. https://www.motorw.com/

 Motor Work’s website homepage.

Motor Work’s website homepage. A ”sticky” place to hang our Dealership Diagnostic Software and Programming hat.


  1. Keeping In Touch – The Follow-up:

I’m certain my programming “shoe leather” visit to area dealers and independent repairers from 6 months ago is now the most distant thought in any manager’s mind. Well, new news is coming and our potential customers need to know Motor Works is still pushing hard.

The new news is this: Motor Works now supplies mobile programming. We will come to established sales, repair, and body facilities within 10 miles, and program at their shop. In an attempt to get our “foot in the door” we currently charge the same rate for mobile services as for Motor Work’s in-house services.


  1. Getting The Word Out x 2:

A combination of phone calls, supported by email is what we are using. I feel the phone call helps the store managers remember the first warm visit. The email then adds the mobile programming details.

In light of the massive use of phones to view emails, I designed this ad from the ground up to work well in a phone environment. See (Photo 2) below.

Motor Work’s “Goin’ Mobile” follow-up email.

Motor Work’s “Goin’ Mobile” follow-up email. It looks normal on computers but was specifically designed for phones. The entire message can be viewed without scrolling. It also “pops,” as good advertising should.


  1. Parts Store Déjà Vu:

Continuing with our new news, mobile programming follow-up, we build a new parts store display. DeKalb County Auto Parts (NAPA) is the largest parts retailer in our area. With the new display on the counter, owner Tim king and I are excited about the possibilities.

Note: Independently owned parts stores do not have the corporate restrictions that prevented us from placing our displays in some stores. 

In the hopes accessible programming will spur computer sales, our new NAPA display should be a win-win proposition. Thank you for the opportunity, Tim King (r.).

In the hopes accessible programming will spur computer sales, our new NAPA display should be a win-win proposition. Thank you for the opportunity, Tim King (r.).


  1. A Value-Centric Approach – Deliver More Than Expected:

I don’t mean deliver a little more than expected. I mean BLOW THEIR DOORS OFF!

  • Perform a diagnostic “once over” before any work. Yes, we may have been called out to program a new computer, but that doesn’t mean it will fix their problem. Five free minutes spent reviewing the car’s problems could prevent a multi hour wild goose chase.
  • Scan, record, and clear codes in the engine module, any modules throwing codes, and especially the module(s) you’re programming. Once finished programming, final scan and clear any remaining codes. Send cars out with as few warning lights out as possible, but explain some may come back.
  • Whenever possible give written reports before and after code scans. This is a must for dealership work.

In winding this puppy down, I’d like to close with a final thought. Automotive programming is the new frontier, and as exciting as a barroom brawl. There is tremendous internal value to being independent from dealers when a shop gears up to program. The potential for outside sales multiplies this value by a factor of at least ten. It is my fondest hope Strategies For Marketing Your Programming Services has opened a door to this lucrative income stream.

AE Tools made this all possible for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. They will supply every answer and need you might have in tooling up to program. Call them now at 913-856-6678.       

Until we meet again,

Thanks for stopping by.

Marty, Out-

P.S. This can’t come fast enough!