Ok, I have to admit to being a baby computer geek. In fact, I never met a computer I didn’t like.

But the AE Tools custom DURABOOK laptop not only blows my socks off, it sends them clear into the next county.

Why? Because the factory diagnostic and programming software from certain manufacturers will conflict with the software from others if run on the same hard drive partition, like Ford IDS and Mazda IDS, for example (the list is quite extensive).

The traditional method of keeping these factory software applications apart is to use multiple computers or a single computer and lots of different hard drives. The mobile techs I know all claim to have over a dozen laptops to house their factory software.

That many computers necessitate they be purchased as refurbished older machines, whose hardware specs are now becoming marginal. This is especially true as there is a need for programming laptops to have a native serial bus port. These ports became obsolete on modern computers years ago.

GM Tech2 connected to that rarity of rarities, a native serial port on a modern, fully loaded laptop. Hallelujah!

GM Tech2 connected to that rarity of rarities, a native serial port on a modern, fully loaded laptop. Hallelujah!

Enter the cure to laptop proliferation, The AE Tools custom DURABOOK SA 14 i7 semi-rugged laptop. The concept is to have one modern powerhouse laptop with multiple quick-change hard drives. Each drive is divided into approximately 4 partitions, individually hidden from the other. Each partition holds its own factory specific diagnostic and programming software. Motor Work’s SA 14 i7 laptop has 8 partitions between two hard drives. What does this all mean to the tech needing factory software?

  • Power: You have a muscular laptop with the latest hardware, capable of running the most demanding new software for years to come. I can talk specs with you until one of us passes out from exhaustion, but it’s better if you go to the AE Tool’s website page devoted to the DURABOOK. Check it out here.  This link to DURABOOK’s website will give even more detail on the SA 14 laptop.
  • Convenience: Nothing beats grabbing one computer instead of carting a dozen laptops  to every gig.
  • Productivity: Hand in hand with power and convenience goes productivity. A computer that boots quickly and processes fast, saves major time on each job.

In addition, maintaining separate computers is a chore and a half. Updating the operating system, each manufacturer’s software, Java, Flash Player, and any other specialized applications is a time consuming requirement.

In fact, I know one shop with two DURABOOK SA 14 i7 laptops, who hired an IT guy. He spends every Friday afternoon updating all the shop’s equipment. Don’t get me wrong, updating different individual operating systems on 8 partitions, is still no breeze. But it is more like a chore and a quarter compared to the chore and one-half mentioned above. The time savings can be an easy two hours a week or more.

  • Semi-Ruggedized: This machine is built for a shop environment. It passes military specs for shock and vibration, including a three-foot drop test onto plywood over concrete.
  • Ports Galore: A positive plethora of productive ports will provide for your every need on the DURABOOK SA 14 i7. Including, marching bands and fireworks now, a native serial port. This is a critical help with older automotive hardware originally designed to use serial bus as its com line.

The Vetronix/Bosch MasterTech 3100 and Tech2 come instantly to mind. The super popular MasterTech 3100 talks to its master program, Shop Foreman Pro, over serial bus. And crucially, the Tech2 downloads its programming software via serial bus.

Yes, there are serial bus to USB adapters, but the techs programming with Tech2’s complain these adapters do not always work right. Having a flash go south and “bricking” an ECU is not my idea of a good time. A native serial bus on a modern laptop is scarcer than frog fur, and just as fine.

  • The WOW Factor: I can’t overstate this. Using a tool as carefully designed, as lovingly crafted, and as perfectly suited to its job, is a joy beyond words. Auto repair is a constant uphill struggle. The AE Tools custom DURABOOK SA 14 i7 laptop, for one brief moment levels the field. A small wave of excitement and appreciation pulses through me every time I boot this puppy up.
AE Tools custom DURABOOK SA 14 i7 laptop running VW ODIS factory diagnostic and programming software at Moto Works. The car is a 2009 Audi A4 Quattro Avant.

AE Tools custom DURABOOK SA 14 i7 laptop running VW ODIS factory diagnostic and programming software at Motor Works. The car is a 2009 Audi A4 Quattro Avant.

Holy Smokes! I think I just accidently ended my article with the summation above. That’s a bit of a problem since I still have a few more things to say. Maybe I’d best jam them in real quick and then boogey out of here.

I ordered my DURABOOK SA 14 i7 from AE Tools with two important upgrades: The first is a backlit keyboard. Working in a dark car interior can cause typing to be problematic. The backlit keyboard is a big help there.

I also ordered my computer with an optional daylight visible screen. Anybody who works outside or road tests with a laptop has seen the screen virtually fade to gray in the sunlight. The daylight visible screen is a huge help in this situation.

Well, time flies when you having fun, and I’ve had a riot writing this. I will close, not with my traditional, “Try to watch this and not laugh”, but with:

Try to watch this and not be amazed!

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See You Again Soon,

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