Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
Diagnostic Link 6.3 and 7.0 are a comprehensive software program now supporting DDEC II, III / IV / V, all software versions of the MBE 900 and 4000 On Highway engines and DDEC Reports.

New Features:
-Routine to test proportional valves on MBE engines
-MBE Progressive Shift Calculator
-Adjustable OI Idle Speed for DDECIV (800-1600 rpms)
-Feature to save diagnostic codes to a text file
-Changeable Low Gear torque limiting for DDECIV and DDECV
-Smart Cruise field added to Cruise Tab
-Feature to Save I/O configuration settings to a text file

Both 6.3 and 7.0 MUST be installed due to 7.0 NOT being backwards compatible.

$3265.00 USD


*If you need an update to version 7.0, no matter what previous version you have select the kit below.

$725.00 USD


The files below are in PDF format. Please visit if you require a viewer.

For More Information and Screen Shots Check Out This PDF click here

Frequently Asked Questions click here

* If Updating you MUST have already purchased DDDL.